Suicide Is Not An Option.

When I was a kid, I always had this perception that how can anyone be alone when they are occupied with so many people, family & friends around. I’m pretty sure that somewhere even you would agree with me that the child in you too would find it irrelevant about the entire concept of loneliness. Since my teen years I would find very pathetic of people killing themselves and making suicide so common among youth. Well, I still Do find it pathetic but sometimes I wonder can a problem be so worse or so big that it has to cost you your entire life? There are so many people out there who are just pretending to be happy only because for their loved ones. We don’t even know the journey of a person and still done even hesitate to judge their life. I’ve too  been in a situation where everything seemed wrong. And truly that phase KILLS! I mean everybody have once in their lifetime have might experienced this where nothing seems right. You want to express so many things but still choose to be Quite instead. You’ve friends & family around but still you choose to be alone. You laugh and try to be happy but deep down you know that something is killing you inside. You are merely alive without feelings & always doubting yourself. Being honest, either that phase ruin us or Makes us Stronger , but let me remind you that the choice is only Ours. I had always told myself that I would never Give up, come what may! And today when I look back to all those times I genuinely laugh to those problems which I ever considered would be the end of my world. Today many people around are dealing with depression, loneliness and so much negativity around. If we can’t help anyone let’s just be kind. Because the world needs lot of kindness. Lets for ones not judge anyone. They are already fighting with themselves for themselves let’s not be the cause of another mental torture to them. And to ones who are dealing with it I know you’ll would think that “Staying strong”  and all the positive words just looks better in books, but in reality everything is worse. Trust me, I totally agree with you’ll and I would  instead tell you’ll to just know that this time too shall pass. Tomorrow may be worst but the Future is much better. Cry if you want, Rest if you want but don’t ever Quit on yourself. You’re always precious. Things might not work today and world would tear apart but promise yourselves that you won’t ever Give up on yourselves. It’s okay to not be okay. The power is You.Trust yourself. For this time just shut up the world and do what makes you happy. But Keep in mind that Suicide & ending your existence Will never be an option. 


So In the beginning when it all started I started cribbing about how can  the entire nation just be shut down. Like obviously none of you’ll like me would even in our weirdest dreams would ever think that a bat can cause the entire world to Stop. All of a sudden the entire world turned upside down. Being frank from the day I was born till it all happened I never saw Mumbai- A place where no one sleeps, parties never stop,Traffics had never an end,and not to forget the Food Chains which were always occupied with hoggers like us would all of a sudden  come to a hault. A place where  everyone were so busy and occupied by in their own planned routine would all of sudden be clueless about what to do next. I used to always complain about the crowded trains and and how conjusted the city is! I guess many of you’ll would too have these similar thoughts! Started with cribbing about the lockdown and now actually being used to it. Today when I look back, I realised one thing that how much for granted we take our freedom. Because of lockdown I learnt that Mumbai is never the same *Mumbai* without it’s crowded streets. It took an entire pandemic to make us understand that our home is the Safest place; God’s are found in the hospitals struggling to save lives and Superheroes still exist who are never off duty and fighting for our survival. Talking about this lockdown it has obviously created so much chaos and negativity around us. But have you’ll too realised that today we have learnt so much about ourselves. Today we found time for our families. Someone is becoming an artist, a chef, a gardener and we all are exploring ourselves so much more.Not to forget, where we all cribbed about our offices/colleges and today we are missing all of it. For once I always wanted a day off just for Netflix and chill and today all that seems so boring. Not just work from home we have learnt so much about work for home too. I’m sure gradually everything will be fine. This time too shall pass. Eventually everything will be back to normal. Again we will be busy in our lives. But this time let’s decide that how much ever busy we are , we will still make some time for our families, our friends and most importantly for ourselves. This time let’s decide not to take Anything for Granted.


I never believed in Forevers. I never believed that my life will ever revolve around certain people. I always had a mindset that all the people change. Every human being suddenly disappears from your life. I never thought that there are people out there who had the time to understand you irrespective of their busy schedule. I never thought that my words, actions or gestures will ever impact any person. After all these are the most common thoughts when your so called “then best friend” leaves you. Yes, breakup in relationship is tough but breakup in friendship is unbreakable! You just see every other person or a friend just as your “ex-bestfriend”.You stop trusting people. I’m sure most of you’ll reading this might have once in your lifetime gone through this phase. But Today when I look back to those days, I think I was so stupid that I let that overpower myself, my happiness. Time heals everything. Just when I realised I have lost everything, God proved me wrong. He sent such amazing people in my life that bought so much happiness in my life. When I was at my lowest they were there for me. When everything felt miserable, they made sure that they fix it up and make it beautiful Just for me. When I gave up on myself, they trusted me. When I forgot to smile they made me laugh. Today I can undoubtedly say that no matter how long you know each other it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes in just short span of time they become a part of your life. Some bonds are meant forever. In every ups and in every downs they are your constants. No matter where life takes you but when you are sad those idiots are there for you. Those are there to share your happy moments. They may never talk to you everyday, but deep down you know they are just a call away. They have a solution to your every problem. They don’t need any social media story updates to know your status, they know you inside out. You might not meet them everyday, but the distance never fades your bond. I was lucky enough to have such connections in my life, where I lived, fought, cried, laughed all with them. But one thing was sure they never left me. They scolded me, annoyed me but never left me alone. They were “then” There, they are “still” there. I hope you’ll too have such friends in your life where no matter what happens They will always be with you. Don’t let difficult times ruin you or your happiness. Never change just because someone didn’t appreciate you. I’m sure there are out people who will see your worth and appreciate you. Never let anyone dull your smile. It will obviously be difficult, but surely it’s not impossible. Give one more chance to yourself and the right ones will be in your life forever!